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At BYICON, we're more than fashion; we're about empowering you to redefine your personal brand authentically. Our founder, London, blends fashion, marketing, and psychology to craft a transformative journey that transcends traditional image consulting. Like tailoring a bespoke suit, our services are customized to reflect your uniqueness and tell your story through style. We're not just changing wardrobes; we're changing lives. Ready to redefine your narrative? Book our services and start your transformative journey today!



At BYICON, it's more than just fashion. We're here to help you be yourself, enhance your personal brand, and glow up both inside and out. Here's why choosing BYICON is the start of a life-changing journey:

  • Authentic Empowerment: We prioritize authenticity over trends, guiding you to express your true self through your personal brand and genuinely elevate yourself to live the life you desire, whether in your personal or professional sphere.


  • Expertise Blend: Our founder, London Forbes, combines fashion, marketing, and psychological insights into an exclusive methodology. This isn't your typical image consulting or fashion styling; it's transformative. Picture the person you aspire to be and how that syncs with your true self. At BYICON, we'll assist you in embodying that essence through your presentation, presence, and perception - your ultimate guide to glowing up.

  • Tailored for Uniqueness: Just as no two individuals are alike, our services are customised to reflect your distinctiveness, ensuring your personal brand mirrors your true essence.

  • Storytelling through Style: Beyond appearances, personal branding is storytelling – we help narrate your story through style, colour, presentation, and communication, enhancing your individuality.

  • Transformational Guidance: We're not just changing wardrobes; we're transforming lives. Our holistic approach merges wardrobe edits, visual branding, and confidence coaching to empower you at every stage of your journey.

London's wealth of knowledge is immediately and practically actionable. She is straightforward and removes the fluff; easy to understand why she is so good at what she does. She helps women and men understand the fundamentals of how other people perceive them. She uses visual language to tell a story and helps her clients understand that they have a couple of seconds to make a lasting impression

Personal Branding Makeover Service 


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