fashionable clothes on a hanger in neutral tones for image consulting services


Image consultant and personal branding services

An Image and
Branding Expert 

Hi! My name is London and I am a certified Image Consultant. I  provide image consulting, style, and wardrobe services. My mission is to work with people of all sizes and ages to help them become their best selves. By assessing, improving, and guaranteeing that my client's image is in line with their personality and/or brand identity


Client Feedback

"Last week, I had a colour analysis session and wardrobe consultation session with London. 

First of all, I would like to say that London is a professional and thoughtful person. She did a colour analysis before our session to save some time and give me better and more detailed feedback. 


Secondly, she was well prepared for the session and had all the necessary equipment to make a colour analysis. The information that she provided me with was beneficial to understand what colours work better for me and understand which mistakes I’m making. She also provided me with some advice regarding the hair colours that would work apart from my natural hair colour. 


Thirdly, I never saw my wardrobe as organised and neat as after the session with London. Her skills at arranging cloth and folding the cloth showed me how much space I was taking in my wardrobe, just because I did not know how to properly organise the cloth. I was delighted, as it helped me see my wardrobe much better and understand what I am missing to complete some of my outfits. “

Vlada | Academic Advisor