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    Do you struggle to know what colours look good on you? Learning the colours that suit you best is important in finding your style. Complimentary colours will help you choose clothes effortlessly, radiating your skin with a youthful glow and poise. The right colours for you will seamlessly go with your skin tone, brightening your appearance and confidence. Simultaneously, knowing what colours to avoid will help you pick clothes that make you look and feel great. That’s why we've formulated our own colour analysis to ensure you dress in colours that complement you.


    Do you fight with your wardrobe each morning as you get dressed? Do you struggle in creating outfits that make you feel confident? Ditch the pieces that don’t make you feel ready to take on the world and learn to take the war out of your wardrobe. With BYICON’s uniquely crafted techniques, you can focus on decluttering your closet, organising, and streamlining your style. Cut costs on clothing and use the pieces you already have while elevating your look, enabling you to get dressed with confidence for work or play. This service includes: - 3hrs minimum and an additional charge for each hour (£100) - Decluttering your wardrobe and sorting it into different categories - Organising your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle - Take away up to 3 Big Bin Bags of Good Quality Clothes for charity - Advice on storage solutions - Wardrobe Guidance (Morphology, Buying Habits) - Styling Options provided (X5) PLUS 30 -a minute complimentary image overall (review of the consultation form you have filled in and finalization of the dates of each session) is included in this service This service is conducted in person in the UK. Additional charges apply for clients outside of London Resell Listing (option available at additional charge)


    Wise professionals know that you should dress for the job you want, but do you have trouble deciding what to wear? Does your wardrobe need a facelift or closet refresher? Perhaps all you need are the clothes you have to flatter and fit you like a glove. Take the guesswork out of finding an outfit that commands a room the minute you enter with our personal shopping service. Revamp your wardrobe with pieces that leave you encouraged, excited, and with self-love for your body when you book with our personal shopping experts. Half-a-day service (3hrs), which includes: - 30-minute complimentary image overhaul call - Bespoke Styling Guidance (Morphology, Colour, Visagism) - Itinerary of the day + Complimentary Coffee/Tea - Shopping /Browsing each shop for more option - Styling of Items purchased (maximum 3 items for half day) - Complimentary delivery services (within the 24hrs) - Option to stay in touch via Whatsapp for future services Plus option for full-day service is available and includes 1.5hr for lunch within central london (dietary requirements to be confirmed before the shopping session). Total shopping hours including lunch 6.5hr If you are outside of London we offer virtual shopping services, that consist of: - A 20-minute complimentary image overhaul call - Curated wishlist of items you can purchase (40 minutes talk through) - Bespoke Styling Guidance (Morphology, Colour, Visagism) - based on measurement provided - Option to stay in touch via Whatsapp for future services - Multiple purchase options available Put Your Best Foot Forward By Booking Today

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  • Transform Your Life: Unveiling the Power of Thin Slicing in Image, Fashion and Personal Branding

    In our rapidly changing and fast-paced world, the significance of first impressions cannot be overstated, especially in the realms of image, fashion, and personal branding. Transform Your Life: Unveiling the Power of Thin Slicing in Image, Fashion, and Personal Branding takes you on an enlightening journey where the art of first impressions seamlessly intertwines with the concept of thin slicing. Within seconds, people form initial judgments based on limited information, a phenomenon known as "thin slicing." Join us as we delve into the profound interconnections between first impressions and personal branding, exploring how they can transform your life and empower you to make a lasting impact. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where style, perception, and authentic self-presentation converge. The Power of First Impressions: Catalysts for Success Whether we find ourselves in a job interview or attending a social gathering, first impressions hold tremendous influence over our opportunities for success. Even before we speak, our appearance communicates volumes about us. The clothes we choose, the colours we wear, and our overall presentation create an instant impression that sets the stage for how others perceive us. Understanding and harnessing the power of first impressions can be a valuable tool for personal and professional growth. Unveiling the Concept of Thin Slicing: The Snap Judgments We Make Thin slicing, an unconscious cognitive process, involves quickly forming judgments based on limited information. When it comes to image and fashion, thin slicing occurs when others swiftly develop opinions about us solely based on our outward appearance. It represents a rapid evaluation of our style, grooming habits, and overall presentation, all of which significantly influence how people perceive our competence, credibility, and even our personalities. By gaining a deeper understanding of thin slicing, we can become more mindful of the signals we project through our fashion choices and take control of the narrative we present to the world. Creating a Positive Thin Slice: Aligning Image with Intention Crafting a favourable first impression requires aligning our image with the message we wish to convey. It starts with self-awareness and a thorough understanding of our personal brand. What are our values, aspirations, and goals? How can we reflect these through our style choices? By curating a wardrobe that authentically represents our true selves and accentuates our best features, we can create a positive thin slice that resonates with others. The Role of Color and Style: A Palette of Perception Colours and styles have a profound impact on how others perceive us. They have the ability to evoke emotions, convey messages, and communicate facets of our personality. Understanding colour psychology empowers us to select hues that exude confidence, approachability, and professionalism. Similarly, identifying the style that best complements our body shape and showcases our unique identity enables us to leave a lasting impression. The Power of Attention to Detail: Elevating Our Image In the art of first impressions, attention to detail is pivotal. Paying careful attention to grooming, thoughtful accessorizing, and maintaining good posture can elevate our overall image. Neatness, cleanliness, and well-maintained attire not only demonstrate self-respect but also leave a memorable mark on those we encounter. Confidence: The Key Ingredient While image and fashion undoubtedly influence first impressions, it is crucial to remember that confidence is the key ingredient. When we feel confident in our appearance, it radiates through our body language and interactions. Building confidence originates from within, embracing our unique qualities, and expressing ourselves authentically through our style choices. The Everlasting Effect: The Legacy of First Impressions Although first impressions are formed swiftly, their effects can be enduring. They shape initial perceptions, influence the development of relationships, and impact the opportunities that come our way. By consistently presenting ourselves with intention and authenticity, we can leave a lasting impression that lingers in the minds of others. The Personal Brand Effect By effectively leveraging the concept of thin slicing, you can enhance your decision-making, communication skills, and overall perception. Here are five suggestions to harness the power of thin slicing and improve your life and personal branding: Develop Self-Awareness: Use thin slicing to become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and behaviours. Pay attention to the first impressions you make and make adjustments accordingly. Master Nonverbal Communication: Understand the importance of body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Utilize thin slicing to convey confidence, approachability, and professionalism through your nonverbal cues. Craft a Consistent Image: Use thin slicing to ensure consistency in your personal brand across different platforms and interactions. Evaluate how others perceive you and align your actions and communication accordingly Make Quick and Informed Decisions: Thin slicing can help you make better decisions by recognizing patterns and subtle cues. Trust your intuition and use past experiences to make quick but informed choices. Build Stronger Connections: Apply thin slicing to better understand others and build meaningful connections. Pay attention to verbal and nonverbal cues, actively listen, and adapt your communication style to connect on a deeper level. By incorporating these suggestions into your life and personal branding efforts, you can harness the power of thin slicing to make positive changes, improve your decision-making skills, and build stronger connections with others. Conclusion: Mastering the Art of First Impressions In the captivating world of image and fashion, the art of first impressions and the concept of thin slicing play significant roles. By mastering these elements, we possess the ability to make a lasting impact on others, unlock doors to countless opportunities, and genuinely represent our true selves. It is essential to remember that the image we project is not merely about appearances; rather, it is a powerful language that speaks volumes about who we are. Therefore, let us wholeheartedly embrace the art of first impressions, leveraging it to cultivate authenticity and leave an indelible mark on the world around us. Lastly, don't miss the opportunity to be part of our fashion community by subscribing today. Join us to gain access to a wealth of fashion insights, trends, and inspiration that will keep you ahead of the game. Stay updated on the latest fashion news and discover the secrets to timeless style that will elevate your fashion game to new heights. At BYICON, we provide a unique fusion of simplicity and creativity, empowering you to streamline your fashion choices while still leaving a lasting impact. Discover the art of effortlessly combining various elements to craft breathtaking outfits that showcase your personal style and leave an unforgettable mark. Gain a deep understanding of the power and significance of first impressions, which can shape your personal brand and influence your life in more ways than just fashion. But that's not all – we go beyond fashion by offering valuable resources in various formats. Join us for an exciting audio event next week on Friday 16th June at 5:30PM GMT, where we will continue the conversation on making the right impressions and building the life you desire. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Register now using the link below:

  • Unlock Your Style with Colour Analysis: The Importance in Personal Branding and Wardrobe Styling

    🌟 Exciting Blog Post Alert! 🌟 Join me as I unlock my style potential and dive into the captivating world of colour analysis over on BRAINZ! In my latest blog post, I'll take you on a personal journey, sharing how colour has transformed my personal branding and wardrobe styling. Get ready for practical tips, inspiration, and a vibrant adventure! Colours have always fascinated me. They have the power to express emotions, convey messages, and make a lasting impression. Through colour analysis, I've discovered how to align my wardrobe with my personal brand, making a statement that truly reflects who I am. Now, I'm excited to share my insights and experiences with you! In the blog post, you'll explore the enchanting realm of colour psychology, learn how different hues can evoke emotions, and discover the right colour palette to unlock your style potential. Imagine the confidence and magnetism that come with wearing the perfect colours that showcase your unique personality and captivate your audience! But this journey isn't just about me; it's about us coming together to embrace our authentic styles and unleash our full potential. By following me and subscribing, you'll gain access to ongoing style inspiration, practical tips, and exciting updates. Let's embark on this vibrant adventure together and create a community where we inspire and uplift each other! Don't miss out on this colourful opportunity to transform your personal branding and wardrobe styling. Head over to the blog post now and immerse yourself in a world of style and self-expression. Join me on this journey and let's unlock our style potential together! Click here to unlock your style potential: #ColoUrAnalysis #PersonalBranding #WardrobeStyling #UnlockYourStyle #ConfidenceBoost #BlogPost #StyleInspiration #BRAINZ #byicon #flipthescript

  • The Power of Smiling: How Presenting Yourself Can Change Your Life.

    Smiling is often thought of as a simple gesture, but the power of smiling can actually have a profound impact on how we are perceived by others and how we feel about ourselves. Whether you're meeting new people, giving a presentation, or simply going about your day-to-day activities, a smile can make all the difference in how you are perceived and received by others. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of smiling and presenting yourself in a positive light. First and foremost, smiling is a powerful tool for creating a positive first impression. When you meet someone for the first time, your smile can set the tone for the entire interaction. A smile can convey warmth, friendliness, and openness, making it easier for the other person to connect with you on a personal level. In fact, studies have shown that people who smile more often are perceived as more trustworthy and approachable than those who don't. But smiling isn't just important for making a good first impression. It's also important for building strong relationships with others. When you smile, you create a positive energy that can be contagious, spreading to those around you. This can help to break down barriers and build rapport, making it easier to connect with others and form meaningful relationships. Smiling can also help to diffuse tense or awkward situations, creating a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for everyone involved. In addition to its social benefits, smiling also has a number of psychological benefits. When you smile, your brain releases endorphins, which are natural feel-good chemicals that can boost your mood and reduce stress levels. This can help to improve your overall sense of well-being, making it easier to navigate life's challenges with a positive attitude. Of course, smiling isn't the only factor that contributes to how we present ourselves to the world. Body language, tone of voice, and overall demeanour are also important factors in creating a positive impression. When presenting yourself to others, it's important to be confident, relaxed, and authentic. This means being true to yourself and your values, while also being open to new experiences and perspectives. In conclusion, smiling and presenting yourself in a positive light are important skills that can have a profound impact on how you are perceived by others and how you feel about yourself. By cultivating a positive attitude, being authentic, and spreading positivity through your smile, you can create a more meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself and those around you. So next time you're faced with a challenging situation, remember the power of a simple smile and let it work its magic.

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  • About | BYICON

    BECOMING BYICON It is both an art and a science to cultivate and curate a successful image, and BYICON was born from this — a vision for authenticity, alignment, self-love, acceptance, and harnessing your most valuable asset, yourself, to cultivate a strong ROI. MEET THE FOUNDER Redefining the Perception of Image Meet, London, our fearless founder whose own journey of self-discovery illuminated the path for her success and her mission of helping others realize their own value. London’s childhood was more troubled than most; she experienced a turbulent introduction to life that severely affected her confidence as a young adult. With the baggage from her childhood weighing her down, it got to the point where a simple choice needed to be made. Was she going to allow her past to continually dictate her future, or was she going to rise to the challenge and become the driving force in her own life? Committed to seizing control, she worked on herself, searching for her own identity. In the process, she began to understand that negative comments and actions from her peers merely served to highlight her true power – power that she expressed through the way she dressed, spoke, and presented herself. It wasn’t long before others took notice and began seeking her advice. Her self-confidence which had been so damaged and buried was finally blossoming. As an image consultant, London was determined to help others achieve the same results that she had. Looking to take her insights further, she embarked on a series of academic courses that focused on image, communication and presentation. With the courses aligning themselves with her love of fashion, her marketing background and her psychological understanding of the self, they helped to crystalise her outlook. An epiphany came when she understood that by taking key elements from the fields of fashion, image, communication, marketing and psychology, she could create an ‘image synergy of alignment for individuals’ – one that operated far beyond the traditional concept of ‘image consultancy’. Through self-acceptance and love, London embraced her past and enriched her present. The insights she has gained on this journey she is now ready to share with you. Book Now OUR JOURNEY SO FAR 2023 REBRANDED WITH SIMPLICITY IN MIND In Q1 2023, BYICON relaunched its brand with a simpler concept and approach to how it will serve our clients going forward. 2022 CHANNEL EXPANSION To grow our network and raise awareness in leveraging our greatest asset — ourselves — BYICON has co-hosted audio events on LinkedIn and in-person events in Q3, and was featured in publications like BRAINZ NEWS BYICON In The Press Fri, 26 May LinkedIn THE IMPORTANCE OF STYLE IN PERSONAL BRANDING Join me on Friday, May 26th at 5:30 PM GMT as we delve into the significance of style in branding. We'll explore how your personal style can shape and influence your brand image. As the saying goes, "You are what you wear," and it holds true for branding too. Buy Tickets

  • Personalised Image & Styling Services | BYICON

    VISION BE YOUR BEST SELF, BE YOU ​ BYICON works with clients to curate an image that accurately portrays their identity and aspirations. Success has no mould, so our experts work to analyse, enhance, and maintain clients’ image in a professional or personal context, regardless of colour, gender, shape, or size. ​ All our services are personalised and image consulting (personal branding development), wardrobe (organisation) consulting, confidence coaching, styling and personal shopping services Find Out About Our Working Process SERVICES Delivering an exceptional, tailor-made service is what we do. Your success starts and ends with you, but BYICON will provide you the tools you need to make a lasting impression. Your brand's individuality and distinctiveness set you apart from everyone else. We take the complexity out of cultivating your image so that it’s a straightforward and memorable experience! ​ FITS THAT FIT LIKE A GLOVE THROUGH OUR PERSONAL SHOPPING SERVICE Self-love exudes externally. Our personal shopping services will help you do just that by showing you techniques you can incorporate to dress for the body you have today. Book Now TAKE THE WAR OUT OF YOUR WARDROBE WITH OUR WARDROBE ORGANISATION SERVICE Wardrobe consulting through BYICON can take your closet to the next level. Through our carefully tailored technique, we craft your wardrobe so you can dress in confidence for your personal and professional life. Book Now WITH COLOURS THAT COMPLIMENT YOU THROUGH OUR PERSONALISED COLOUR ANALYSIS Do you struggle to know what colours look good on you? Learning the colours that suit you best is important in finding your style. Complimentary colours will help you choose clothes effortlessly, radiating your skin with a youthful glow and poise. The right colours for you will seamlessly go with your skin tone, brightening your appearance and confidence. Simultaneously, knowing what colours to avoid will help you pick clothes that make you look and feel great. That’s why we've formulated our own colour analysis to ensure you are wearing colours that compliment your natural colouring. Book Now LET YOUR IMAGE DO THE TALKING Image consulting and a personalised toolkit helps you cultivate a strong image and build your confidence by speaking with authority, establishing a strong stylish wardrobe and appealing to your audience. Find Out More THROUGH OUR BESPOKE BRANDING BUILDING COACHING SERVICES CONVINCE WITH CONFIDENCE BY JOINING OUR CONFIDENCE COACHING SERVICE Confidence coaching in a four-week program teaches you how to harness your power and confidence to allow you to propel yourself in your professional or personal life. Find Out More CLIENT FEEDBACK Hear what our customes say about us and our services. VLADA | ACADEMIC ADVISOR London, UK Last week, I had a colour analysis session and wardrobe consultation session with London. First of all, I would like to say that London is a professional and thoughtful person. She did a colour analysis before our session to save some time and give me better and more detailed feedback. Secondly, she was well prepared for the session and had all the necessary equipment to make a colour analysis. The information that she provided me with was beneficial to understand what colours work better for me and understand which mistakes I’m making. She also provided me with some advice regarding the hair colours that would work apart from my natural hair colour. Book Now Still Need More Help? Looking to make an impact, create an iconic brand and image Book our 1-on-1 virtual consultation call Book Now BYICON 2022 YEAR CERTIFIED CUSTOMER REVIEWS FEATURED IN BRAINZ 2022 HONOREE WHY BYICON DEFINE WHAT IT IS THAT MAKE YOU, YOU THROUGH EACH CUSTOMISED SESSION WITH BYICON A visual concept focused on cultivating a strong ROI by leveraging your greatest asset — yourself — BYICON was founded to provide clients the skills to create a lasting impression, combined with effective tools and techniques. At BYICON we talk about image, fashion, marketing, and psychology. Why? People are brands within themselves and everything about who we are is consistently sending a message, telling a story of who we are (or perceived to be). Learn how to use these cues to your advantage to better understand, market, and position yourself. Read More

  • 404 | BYICON

    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

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