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The 5 Best Red Lipstick Options for Any Occasion

Okay, sure, in all honesty, red lipstick maybe not be so much of daily wear. Many of us would frequently lean for a nude lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick. It doesn't help that more and more beauty brands are introducing neutral lip colours. For instance, the all-purpose Gloss Bomb’s universal lip luminizer from Fenty Beauty is one of my faves. I love how it looks, especially across varied skin tones, and how it feels and glides on the lips. You can use it as a lipstick topper or on its own in your everyday makeup regimen because it is so good and versatile.

However, as much as I might want to focus this post on nude lipstick or lip gloss, at times, I just want to spice things up with the odd red lipstick here and there. What is bizarre to me is the perception that people have towards red lipstick (e.g., equating red with loud or obnoxious women), however, I think wearing red lipstick shows confidence, assertiveness, and boldness. It is an eye-catching statement and a focal point that attracts attention. Red lipstick proclaims, "Here I am! Handle it!" It is the expression of a confident lady who isn't afraid to sport a bold colour. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favourite red lipsticks from the local high street to my beloved premium brands such as Fenty Beauty.

black woman wearing red lipstick as part of her beauty regime

Here are 5 of my favourite red lippies, in no particular order:

Since the launch of Fenty Beauty, I have been nothing but impressed with its foundations and variety of lip products. A product that speaks volumes is the Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour in the shade Perfect Universal Red. Real talk: this is a stunna as its name. In my opinion, this lipstick looks great on all skin tones, especially dark skin tones.

Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour in the shade Perfect Universal Red by Fenty Beauty

Although I am late to the party, in terms of trying this particular brand, one of my favourites is Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson 013. Everything about this lipstick screams luxury, from the packaging to the wear. As a matte lipstick, it's surprisingly hydrating. The lipstick is £36, but any lipstick lover would find it worth every penny.

Of course, we cannot forget the classic Ruby Woo by MAC. Before Fenty Beauty launched her collection, we were obsessed with everything about Ruby Woo. This stunning red lipstick still definitely does it for me in all of the right ways. The consistency makes this lipstick simple to apply and does not leave your lips feeling dry. Furthermore, the price point isn't too shabby, retailing at £18, it's also on sale via boots retailing at £14.

Regarding affordability, we can't forget about our trusted high street lippies! Try the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in British Red or Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick in 5 Revolution Red. Particularly if you're looking for an inexpensive red lipstick and want to add a pop of red to your outfit. Both of them are inexpensive and perfect for all-day use. If you are really after a discount I recommend checking out Amazon as the price point is under £5.

Why not dare to be different and walk out of the house wearing red lipstick? Remember, the perfect shade of red lipstick exists for any skin tone, at varying price points, and is worth every bit of confidence it gives you. Give it a try and see the magic it can create.

Best Lipstick by Mac called Ruby Woo