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What to Wear and What to Take Off This Valentine's Day

Whether you are staying indoors, or have the opportunity to go out and celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one, I firmly believe that any opportunity to celebrate or dress up is one I look forward to! Although I believe that you shouldn't wait until a specific moment or occasion to celebrate love or dress up, each day should be regarded as a moment of gratitude and one to celebrate, too.

Like any other day or occasion, the upcoming Valentine’s Day allows us to dress up! This year I wanted to curate outfits that will fit every occasion, whether you are celebrating at home, with friends, or going out on that special date with your loved one. But, firstly, making sure you have a great foundation for your wardrobe and working your way from there, is going to be crucial! Whether that be ensuring your skin is glowing, putting on your signature scent, or putting on your favourite lingerie (by the way, I think this should be part of your daily routine), it all matters.

Ideas For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

A WOMAN Organising her closet for valentines day

1. Now that your skin is glowing and you have your signature scent on, create the right base and take out that lingerie you have been holding on to for so long. As I stated previously, wearing sexy lingerie shouldn't be because you are going on a date, but instead, incorporated into your daily routine. Trust us when I say there is power in sexy lingerie! This doesn't necessarily have to be a matching set if your preferences are more mix and match, nor does it have to be satin or silk. It's more about the feeling, it gives you and the profound sense of confidence, which I previously wrote about here. This is an important first step!

2. So… have that boost of confidence and are loving the skin you are in, but there is nowhere to go or you can't go anywhere! Fear not, you can always uplift your mood even more by dressing up even if you are wearing loungewear. Loungewear can just be as sexy, with an added bonus of comfort, too. One brand I love is Skims. If you are looking for a more contoured look, they recently bought out their bodycon maxi dress, which, when it's chilly, you can wear under an oversized cardigan. On a budget? Not to worry, prettylittlething or ASOS are just the place for you. If you want more of that jogger look within a reasonable budget, then check out brands such as JLUX Label, Naked Wardrobe or Missguided. So even in the comfort of your own home or on a Zoom call, you can still look great, whilst remaining comfortable.

a woman sitting down wearing blue denim jeans

3. If you are going on a day date, denim is hot on our list! If you live in a warmer climate, why not swap those jeans with a pair of denim shorts? Our current favourite brands are Samaria Leah, one of Lori Harvey’s favourites, and Coal n Terry which have been spotted on Beyonce several times! And who doesn’t want to be Beyonce, right?! Add a white crisp shirt, top it off with some accessories, such as a pair of stud earrings or hoops (I like the oversized look), and a necklace or body chain, and you’re set. If you just having a lunch date, then why not add a pair of open-toe ankle booties? If you prefer a more laid-back look then swap your heels for a pair of sleek white trainers instead!

a woman wearing a stylish snake print dress

4. For a night out, why not remix your Little Black Dress?! Whilst it's popular to wear red on Valentine’s Day, why not go beyond the predictable colour palettes associated with Valentine's Day and wear something that will make you stand out and will turn many heads? One place that does great evening wear is Revolve! Some of our favourites that you might want to check out include the Cheetah Ruffle Mini Dress by Bronx and Banco or this Hanna Gown also by Bronx and Banco. Yes, they are both prints but, after all, we are remixing your LBD and getting you to step outside the norm! Try them, you won’t regret it.