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This Month’s Hidden Gems & Fashion Discoveries

Updated: Jan 21

There is always something refreshing about the start of a new year or new month, right? A fresh outlook filled with hope and awaited desires yet to come….it’s so calming. So I wanted to alert you to what's new and what you should be buying or looking forward to regardless of the season. As always, buy based on your means, circumstances and affordability.


Top fashion-friendly finds

A black woman wearing Samaria Leah Denim shorts

1. If you are looking for a denim brand that will leave you standing out from the crowd in a good way, then look no further than Samaria Leah. This brand is fashion-forward and yet unique from anything else you’ve ever tried! Samaria takes simple denim and blends different hues that offer you one-of-a-kind pieces that will leave people asking questions. Considering the style, and use of different materials, this denim collection is definitely for the brave and for those that dare to be different and not afraid to show a little skin. My favourite item the brand came up with is the Lexi shorts (vintage Levi, with lace-up button entry) - while a bit pricey, they’re definitely worth the price.

2. Samariah stands out to us, but another brand that I have seen on celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyonce is Coal n Terry. Although they are mainly known for their high-quality vintage jeans that have a more urban feel to them, they have a great selection of ripped denim, too, especially their shorts. My favourites are the Blue Mad CutOff denim shorts - I am sure you can see why once you take a look for yourself!

3. If you are a lover of lingerie and are defined by the word SENSUAL then you will need to visit God Save Queens. Do you know that saying “it's what's underneath that counts”? This resonates with what you find on their website, and I'm sure once you visit their site you will understand what I mean. One of my favourite lingerie sets is the Forget Me Not bra and thong. This set screams sexy and sensuality, I love the mix of the sheer fabric against the black panels - just the right amount of coverage to achieve that sexy, sensual look that is comfortable yet effortless. Also, if you do like the sheer look with a mix of satin, then why not also check out their dress section?

4. If Lingerie or sheer panel dresses are not for you, but you like standing out, then check out Charworkroom. You’ll show a little skin (perhaps more than usual) and experiment with your style, too. One of my favourite items is the High Cut Silver Cheeky Shorts. Although they are currently available on preorder I hope the feeling or expression of “WOW'' will inspire you to take your style up a notch. It’s that good!

5. On the hunt for quality and fashionable swimwear that will leave heads turning? Why not check out Melissa Simone Swim? I am in love with the new collection for 2022 as well as the 2021 collection. A mix of leopard print with the addition of brown neutrals, both are popular in daywear as well as quality swimwear. However, one of my favourites is actually from the Elysian collection, especially the Elle Cut Out One Piece. If I can't convince you, I will let Lori Harvey do the talking for us - two words “BODY GOALS”!! I mean, really, how can that not convince you?

6. Another great brand to check out this season is Hanifa. One of my favourites is the Miya Knit Cardigan dress in red. If you are looking for elegance (even just in the comfort of your own home), then look no further. This dress is effortless, yet classy, and you can wear it out with your friends or even in the comfort of your own home for something a little different. While the Miya dress stands out to me, do check out the rest of their fashionable seasonal collections as their designs are not only elegant, but also modern, wearable, and different.

AMINA MUADDI x AWGE Phoenix embellished PVC pumps

7. No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes, right?! Although Amina Muaddi is quite well-known. It has been creating a bit of a buzz in the fashion industry, especially these past few seasons. Whether it be their sandals or famous Begam PVC shoes (my favourite being the White Rosie PVC Court Shoes). I also wanted to highlight a brand that does similar PVC shoes but within the same price range, which is