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10 Perfumes to Keep Valentine's Day Going All Year

As we enter the month of love, I wanted to keep our thoughts and inspiration for this week’s article dedicated to feeling and smelling good. Contrary to what the world puts out there regarding Valentine's Day (a celebration mainly of couples), I like to think that we have evolved beyond that and that this special occasion is not only for lovers but family, friends and even yourself! So, what better way to kick off the season of love than by sharing these 10 perfumes I think the women in your life will love? As for yourself, they might give you that extra boost of confidence, enhance your mood, or make you feel more attractive. After all, there is something sentimental about smelling good that can affect your mood, emotions and feelings.

Before I highlight our recommended perfumes, an important note. If you want your perfume to last throughout the day, apply it to your cleavage, behind your ear lobes, and places such as behind your knees and inner elbows, (aka your pulse points). These points emanate heat allowing the scent to last longer.

At the top of our must-have list is the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau Du Parfum. With hints of vanilla and Sambac Jasmine, and top notes of Bergamot and Freesia it has a strong floral yet sweet hint to it that will last and linger throughout the day. An added plus is the overall design and packaging of the perfume, simple yet with a feminine look to it. And looks are crucial, after all!

Whilst Princess Vera Wang is an Eau De Toilette, meaning it’s a relatively light perfume (in most cases it has a lower percentage of essential oils than a regular perfume, and therefore does not last or linger on your skin). However, this light scent is worth it. Aside from the packaging, what I love is the price point as well as the top notes (water lily), and the base notes (vanilla chiffon) that give it a more floral, oriental scent.

Okay, so the price of Tom Ford Private Blend Vanille Fatale Eau De Parfum might throw you off, but the scent will leave you saving up for your next Christmas present (if you don't grab it this Valentine’s day), or, at the very least, it will be a scent you will want to add to your wish list. Sure, Tom Ford is mainly known for his scents such as Black Orchid and Soleil Blanc, but this is a happy exception! What I love about the private blend is the mix between vanilla and woody mahogany which gives it a rich spicy yet moderate scent (a perfect blend between sweet and a slight muskiness to it). Gorgeous!

Beautiful young woman with bottle of perfume at home, closeup

On a slightly cheaper front, compared to Tom Ford Private Blend Vanilla and 1 of 2 Chanel perfumes, I recommend the Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. What I love is the strong intensity of the scent that's long-lasting with notes consisting of Tonka Bean, rose and the freshness of an orange, giving it a citrus yet oriental scent. Plus, it comes in a spray, making it suitable for your skin as well as clothes, so that’s another plus. It's a classic and a wonderful splurge!

Next on my list is the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum, which can be described as addictive yet energizing! With top notes that include mandarin essence and pear accord, whilst the base notes include white musk, patchouli cedarwood essence and heart notes of vanilla, and orange blossom. Altogether, they create that perfect and moderate balance that is named “floriental”. Making it a great scent for a night out.

Whilst some of the prices might throw you off, and a celebrity-endorsed perfume might be one that people shy away from, I can't help but mention one celebrity who seems to have got it right in terms of creating a scent that's long-lasting and affordable. So, hear me out! Topped with notes that consist of cherry, vanilla and sweet floral, the Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears leaves a sweet yet fruity scent to it that is so special you won’t be able to believe it! Another celebrity perfume that I've recently fallen in love with is Fenty Eau de Perfum. Although it's more expensive, I like to use it as a base perfume (yes ladies and gents, I'm big on layering perfumes). As Fenty describes it, it's a warm floral scent that consists of magnolia, musk, tangerine and Bulgarian rose.

A young woman's hands with red nail polish holding a perfume bottle

If you are looking for an intimate perfume, and one that will turn heads, look no further than Girl of Now by Elie Saab Eau De Parfum For Women