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The 8 Hottest Beauty Tools of 2022

Updated: Jan 21

We often talk about beauty products that will help fix a skin problem or revive our skin. This is usually accompanied by beauty tools that help solve or fix those beauty problems when we visit our local beauticians.

different new Mia cleansing brushes for your face

However, the same can be done in the comfort of our own homes with all of the right tools to do so. This is everything from exfoliating tools right down to that facial steamer. Here is a breakdown of some of our beauty favourites:

  • Cleansing brush by Clarasonic - If you are looking for one device that does it all then the Clarasonic Mia Smart cleansing brush is just perfect for you. This is designed to gently clean your skin six times better than using your fingers. It will also promote radiance as well as minimize the look of pores. This 3 -in-1 cleansing brush can also be paired with the Clarisonic mobile app to get expert-recommended routines for your skin.

  • Facial toning by Nuface - This multipurpose facial toning device by Nuface is designed to help improve your facial contour, tone and appearance of fine lines. Think of it as an “at-home facelift” at the fraction of the price of a standard facelift!

  • In the market for an acne tool? The Foreo Espada blue light acne treatment with laser precision targeting is just for you. It works by targeting LED light energy directly to those bacteria-rich pores that cause acne breakouts. If you need more motivation, it also comes in 3 colours: magenta, cobalt blue and pink. Plus, it's 100% waterproof and can be used over 100 times in a single charge. Professional acne treatment right from home.

  • Facial steamer by Dr Dennis Gross - If you want that spa-like experience regularly then the Pro Facial Steamer by Dr Dennis Gross is just for you. This professional-quality micro steam device is designed to hydrate your skin and clarify your skin’s complexion pain-free and right from home.

  • Faceware Pro by Dr Dennis Gross Skincare - Whilst the Spectralite FaceWare Pro has a high price point, don’t be deterred by the dollars or its futuristic appearance. It's an effective LED therapy mask that helps to smooth wrinkles, clear acne and even out skin discolouration for a more beautiful and natural complexion.

  • Mask treatment by Foreo UFO - if you are looking for a spa experience that can be completed in less than five minutes (works in two minutes or less), grab the convenient Foreo UFO. This easy mask treatment is just for you. With sonic pulsations, this LED light therapy mask works by heating and cooling, allowing the serum to penetrate deeply into the skin. This will leave your skin brighter and softer naturally.

  • Teething Whitening by Glo Lit - We have highlighted many at-home beauty products but we know that beauty isn't just about exfoliating and toning. It’s also about how we look after our teeth. You know what they say: a good smile is always accompanied by a great set of teeth. The Glo Lit Teeth Whitening Device Tech Kit with Bluetooth is the only easy at-home treatment for better teeth. This works with wireless Bluetooth connectivity combined with other professional elements that give you faster and more visible results without that sensitivity you’re used to seeing with inferior teeth-whitening products.

  • Body brush by Proactiv - Finally, for us beauty doesn't have to end on our faces. It also extends to our bodies. This body brush by Proactiv deeply cleanses those hard-to-reach places whilst removing dirt and impurities. This professional body brush will leave your skin feeling and looking cleaner than ever.

While beauty looks different for everyone, these professional beauty tools are going to be your best bet for enjoying professional-level beauty treatment right from home. Which of these is your new favourite?