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Must-Have Hair Tools for That Salon Look

Updated: Jan 21

I've spoken previously about skincare but I think we can agree that haircare is just as important. We spend a lot of time and money at the hairdresser trying to achieve a certain look that will give us the confidence we’re looking for. Sometimes I even try to recreate that salon look in the comfort of our own homes. Whether that’s through youtube video tutorials or simply investing in the right hair care tools to maintain that look, we've all been there. Here I look at some of my favourite professional hair tools to help with your at-home hair maintenance. For some that’s achieving the perfect curl, maintaining that sleek and silky straight look or blow-drying your hair in 15 minutes or less. Whatever the goal is, it’s all about having the right hair care tool.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Don’t let the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer price deter you! It’s designed to dry your hair fast and is equipped with intelligent heat control that protects your locks from heat damage — a neat feature that is well worth the money in itself. It comes with different attachments as well for added styling use. For example, the smoothing nozzle allows you to dry and style your hair at the same time with low airflow. Then there’s the styling concentrator, which allows you to style your hair one section at a time with controlled airflow to keep you in control. Then, the diffuser helps with frizz reduction and improves your hair definition as well. There's something for everyone with this professional-level hairdryer. But that's not all. This popular Dyson hairdryer also comes with a wide-tooth comb attachment that is designed for curly hair textures. This allows you to detangle, lengthen and create volume and shape while your hair dries. No one is let out from the perks of the Dyson hairdryer.

Tangle Teezer brush in pink

If you are looking for a professional quality hairbrush, especially one that is good at detangling, then the Tangle Teezer is just right for you. The original teezer is a multiple award-winning brush designed for regular hair. It comes with flexible teeth that glide through the hair without pulling it. However, the Thick and Curly model comes with firm but flexible teeth which are designed specifically for issues and needs that are common with curly or textured hair.

Charlotte Mensah Paddle brush in white

If detangling is not what you’re after but you do want a good hairbrush, I recommend that you try out the Charlotte Mensah Paddle brush. This is a medium-sized brush and is known for smoothing and straightening. It can be used by all hair types. It can also work as an alternative hair detangler in a pinch, as a bonus. It will also prevent split ends and will shape your hair as it works.

Cloudnine Hair straighteners for different hair types

With a wide range of professional hair straightener brands available on the market, including the GHDs, Remmington to even Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Straighteners, it’s not surprising if you find yourself overwhelmed when trying to choose an affordable and professional hair straightener. Most hair straighteners are designed for a specific purpose, but I love the selection of hair tools available at Cloudnine Hair, especially their hair straighteners. In particular, I love the Wide Iron straighteners which are designed for thick and long hair, making it easier to straighten your hair in one tangle-free stroke.

If a straightener still doesn't give you that straight sleek look and your hair is thicker (type 4) then a professional-level hot comb might just be for you. While I won't recommend that this be used daily, it can be incorporated into your hair routine now and then. Despite this being an old-school method of getting sleek straight hair, nowadays people also use hot combs on weaves and wigs, especially if you are looking to flatten the crown of their hair for that more natural look from root to tip.

Whirl Trio by T3 in white

At times we want to switch it up from that sleek straight look and go for a more relaxed wave or curl. The best way to achieve this is using a professional curling wand or Flexi Rods if you don't want to use heat. However, if you are in the market for a curling wand that can allow you to achieve different looks (from spiral curls right down to that enviable beach waves), then the interchangeable Whirl Trio by T3 is just for you. Not only does the Whirl Trio have up to 7 styling attachments (3 are included with the initial order), but it also has different programmable heat settings to create unique looks.

How many of you find that the head massage is the best part about going to the hair salon? Well, bring the experience to the comfort of your own home by using the Briogeo Scalp Revival stimulating therapy massager. Not only does it comfortably massage your scalp but it also helps stimulate hair growth through proper circulation.

Briogeo Scalp Revival stimulating therapy massager

While we might not consider a pillow or headwrap as a tool per se, it is critical to proper hair care. I highly recommend using a silk hair wrap, especially if you are frustrated from waking up with frizzy fragile hair or just tired of dryness and split ends. To cure your frizz problems, the Silke London head wrap might just be for you. If a headwrap isn't for you but you need control, then I also recommend the silk pillowcase by Slip. Not only is good for your hair, but it also prevents your pillow from drawing moisture from your face overnight.

You can offer yourself pampering and professional hair care if you know what tools to use to help you get there. These hair care tools are going to help you enjoy the princess treatment right at home!

three woman wearing Silke London head wraps

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