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Beyond the Threads: Unveiling the Deeper Layers of Personal Branding

Personal Branding Narrative by BYICON

Often, when I talk about personal branding, people immediately associate it with appearance, specifically fashion. While it's true that your presentation plays a role, personal branding extends far beyond aesthetics. It encompasses the content you create and how you position yourself online. I will use myself as an example. In the early days of me putting myself online (yes I used to be the ghost of fashion with no digital footprint), I used to post random content online with no clear direction, making it challenging for people to connect with me and form a sense of community. It wasn't until I understood the broader aspects of personal branding that my engagement and community-building truly took off.

What I am trying to say is that before I understood the depth of personal branding, my online presence resembled a disorganized library, with arrows pointing in every direction. It was like having a bookshelf where genres mixed, making it challenging for readers (or in this case, my audience) to understand my content and to connect with my story. However, once I realized that personal branding is about curating an authentic image and aligning content with that image, everything changed. My journey of transitioning from a haphazard bookshelf to a well-curated collection not only improved engagement but also fostered a community that resonated with the narrative I wanted to convey.

As I cultivated my personal brand, I found that the content I produced played a pivotal role. I say this because being clear and consistent helps readers connect with me more. Let's use another analogy (don't you all love these, I know I do- makes it so much easier to understand) and put personal branding as chapters in your book—each post, article, or comment contributes to the ongoing narrative. The scattered and random posts I used to share were like chapters from different genres randomly placed, making it difficult for my audience to follow the plot. When I shifted my focus to creating purposeful and aligned content, it was like crafting a well-organized novel. Each piece complemented the other, forming a cohesive and engaging story that resonated with my audience.

But I also wanted to emphasise that personal branding is not just confined to virtual spaces. Your CV, much like a book's blurb, provides a snapshot of your professional story. It should entice the reader (employer) to delve deeper and discover the valuable content within. Imagine a book with a captivating blurb, compelling you to explore the pages. Similarly, your CV should be a teaser, creating curiosity about your skills, experiences, and the unique narrative you bring to the table. Consider social events or interviews as book signings. What you say and how you present yourself during these moments contribute to the live reading experience. Just as an author engages with readers during a book signing, your verbal and non-verbal communication shapes the impression you leave. Personal branding extends beyond the digital realm—it's the coherence between your online presence, resume, and real-world interactions, creating a holistic and memorable experience for those encountering your story.

BYICON Personal Branding Insights

If that's not clear allow me to illustrate this with my Instagram journey. In the early days, my content strategy resembled a scattered puzzle with arrows pointing in every direction, attempting to cling to every trend and fleeting moment. Unsurprisingly, this approach led to minimal engagement. Take, for instance, the times when I posted random content without a clear narrative; my posts garnered around 20 comments. This lack of direction and authenticity left my audience disoriented and unengaged.

However, as I started analyzing the patterns of conversation and what resonated with my audience, I made a strategic shift. I abandoned the race to catch every trend, realizing that trends are mere indicators, not dictators. Instead, I focused on curating posts that went beyond the superficial allure of a picture. I delved into creating content with context and depth, reflecting my authentic self or the message I wanted to portray. This shift in strategy propelled my engagement to new heights, reaching an average of 250 comments per post. The change was evident in the depth of conversations and the resonance of my content with a more engaged audience.

In essence, the journey of personal branding is akin to curating a captivating book. A well-structured and coherent narrative draws readers in, just as a purposeful and authentic personal brand engages an audience. It's not about chasing every trend but about crafting a story that resonates. If you find yourself navigating the maze of trends and struggling to define your authentic personal brand, I'm here to help. Let's turn your social presence into a powerful extension of your personal brand. Book a consultation today and embark on a journey to amplify your authenticity and engagement across your platforms. Your story deserves to be told authentically, and I'm here to guide you through every chapter.



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