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Our New Year Resolutions for a Better 2023

Updated: Jan 21

As we enter 2023, we wanted to reflect a little on what 2022 has taught us. I think we can all agree that 2022 has been a year to not forget… a year to which we have all been challenged, and equally here for all of us at BYICON. We also think of a year that has led us to self-discoveries and perhaps thinking outside of the norm. Whether that has been learning a new language, finding a new hobby, spending more or less time with our loved ones, or simply finding new ways of entertaining ourselves, everything has changed.

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Although it was a challenge, no doubt, we all realised that the norm just doesn't quite cut it. Whether that was us used to the usual 9 to 5, face-to-face communication, or learning to face new challenges, it happened this year. As we turn the calendar to welcome the new year, it's time for us set our eyes on the horizon of what 2023 could bring to every one of us. Traditionally, the dawn of any new year is welcomed by resolutions for how we want to start the new year and what we would like to achieve in 2023.

Embracing change can be frightening as well as exhilarating, but with a more mindful outlook as well as openness within ourselves, we can make the most of 2023, no matter what our circumstances are. Here we share some of our recommendations to kickstart the new year.

Top resolutions and recommendations for a successful 2023

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1. Take care of yourself

One thing we are big on is self-care and self-love. Often, we tend to ignore or neglect ourselves, which can then impact our overall well-being. Self-care, by no means, refers to having a selfish outlook, but instead maintaining a good relationship with yourself. Some ways you can practise self-care include creating a healthy work-to-life balance, which we can admit, has been a challenge since many of us are working at home, now. It's also about understanding and knowing your worth (and, of course, adding tax to it). It's about living and not merely existing, creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and learning to manage your stress levels. Then turning these ways into actual habits that you incorporate into your day-to-day life for more happiness. Once you master self-care and self-love, it will make it much easier to transmit this to others as well, which is always a great goal in life.

2. Be more intentional

Some of us can admit that we wished we had spent more time with our loved ones. We wished we had been more intentional in the way we communicated with others and those that matter to us, too. So why not turn those wishes into realities and be more intentional about how you spend your time and who you spend your time with going forward? You’ll find that it will be small changes, but they’ll make a huge impact on those around you.

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3. Commit to things you love and enjoy

Rather than committing to 20 things within the first week of the year, only to give them up weeks later, be more intentional and only commit to things you love or will learn to enjoy. A good way to commit to something and see it through is to focus on the things that bring you happiness, make you feel good, and above all things, you love just because. We are not suggesting that you shouldn't cook because you hate cooking or that you shouldn't work out because the thought of going to the gym frazzles your brain, but instead find a way to create the commitment that will see you turn this goal into a lifestyle i.e. swap the normal gym class out for Zumba or even pole dancing if these are the things that truly bring you joy! It’s all about personal goals, after all.

4. Make a list or a journal

One habit we have been doing is keeping a list and journaling our thoughts, whether that be in the morning or a quick reflection of our day just before bedtime. Writing helps create a clear mind which can lead to a better and happier life. Take a look at Papier, they have some great journals that are easy to incorporate into your life and also include handy and helpful to-do lists.

Speaking of lists, the best way to not overwhelm yourself is to make a list that is realistic and reasonable in the amount of time needed to complete it. Some tasks you set yourself can be accomplished in a day, whilst others may take a week or a month. The easiest way to accomplish goals and tasks is to make sure they are, in fact, doable, after all.

5. Clear out and only keep what we need

We are not saying get rid of all your items, but keep only what you will need, as well as those things that have a positive impact on your life. A good example of clearing out is on your social media. Think of all the accounts you follow: how do they make you feel? What is the purpose of them being on your feed? Use social platforms to enhance and better yourself and curate your social feed based on what is important to you. The same can be said about your bedroom or any personal space that you consider your own. So don't be afraid to set yourself a goal to declutter your life or your wardrobe for a better you. It’s rewarding and can help simplify your life, in a good way.

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A better 2023 starts with reasonable and fulfilling goals. Keep your resolutions simple, meaningful and focused on positivity. All of those things are going to help you make 2023 the best year possible, no matter what it may bring.

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