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Professional Body Care Products You Shouldn’t be Without

Updated: Jan 21

While we often prioritise care for our hair and face, many of us neglect our general body care, unless we are looking for that at-home wax experience (minus the pain) or that perfect spa tan.

A woman wearing a dressing gown while moisturising her feet

We often talk about t, but proper body care should go beyond that. If we spend time and money investing in at-home spa treatments for our hair and face, we should also indulge in those luxuries for our bodies.

Here we break down our top 5 favourite body tools you can use to help you look and feel good about every inch of your body.

  • Looking to give yourself that pedicure treatment at a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home? If so, the HoMedics bubble Mate Foot Spa is your ticket. This is made especially for overworked feet. It comes with a keep-warm function plus bubble strips that deliver a soothing spa experience for your tired, sore feet.

  • We have previously spoken about Nuface facial toning devices that help improve your facial contour, but the brand doesn't stop there. They offer the same priority treatment for your body as well. NuBody helps improve the appearance of sagging skin, fine lines and dimples, and even help better your body’s nutrition! While this is not an excuse to skip the gym, this tool will help with those problem areas and overall improve your skin’s strength.

  • Missing that massage experience from your local spa? Are you looking to relax and unwind your muscles right from home? If so, we have just the solution for you. You’ll be relieved to know it doesn't involve buying a chair with 30 different massage settings! This Hayo’u Body Restorer Massage is designed to release any tension in your body while leaving you energized and maintaining your skin’s elasticity. It’ll feel like a real spa day right at home and it’s great for those who enjoy the mental and physical benefits of regular massage.

  • Not everyone is a fan of waxing, and shaving can be tricky as well as time-consuming. An alternative solution to removing unwanted hair is a professional and safe laser treatment. A good solution to use that works is the Silk’n Infinity hair removal system. While the price might deter you, the benefits and results will have you buying and recommending this device to all your friends and family. The professional quality Silk’n hair removal system works by using pulses of safe light to permanently remove hair. It also prevents unwanted ingrown hairs, redness or any form of irritation at the same time.

  • If you are looking for something a little more sensitive, such as a product that will help you with bladder control then the Elvie Trainer is just for you. We love this because it shows us a different perspective on inner beauty and also helps improve your core pelvic muscle strength for a little extra oomph in your workout. Using a real-time app that responds to the strength of each of your contractions as you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, you can get a strong body specific to your needs

Take care of your entire body with these versatile, fantastic body tools. From massages to workout trainers to hair removal, there are endless amounts of professional tools that will give you the spa experience right from the comfort of your own home. A better you is just a few clicks away!

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