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Create The Perfect Style That Works For You

The best way to be more stylish is to have a good foundation. What I mean by having a good foundation is to have wardrobe staples that you can add too depending on season and occasion. This doesn't mean buying items for each occasion, or outing but creating a style that suits your body and fits with your personality and who you are.

I have previously spoken about creating a capsule wardrobe and how to decluttering your wardrobe. I believe in the one in and one out rule. Furthermore, it keeps your wardrobe clean, clear and makes it easier to add new pieces to it. As we hit the peak of summer and I finally finished decluttering my wardrobe to the point that I only own two suitcases worth of clothes, accessories including shoes. Here are some items I have purchased and brands you might want to consider buying from that carry good quality items.

Tory Burch Penelope Heeled Sandals in Gold

I bought these pair of Tory Burch Penelope Heeled Sandals to add to my summer wardrobe as a staple. I love the tone of gold and how it fits with my overall style. They are currently on sale for £155.

White Howell Court Trainers

I also purchased these White Howell Court Trainers from Tory Burch. That I wear when travelling, with denim or summer dresses. What I love about Tory Burch is the price point. These trainers currently retail for £185. A great steal compared to other designer brands.

Sergio Rossi Nude Godiva Pumps

Once I decluttered my wardrobe, I realised I didn't have a pair of nude pumps. So I bought these Sergio Rossi Nude Godiva Pumps. To create a neutral base that I can style with many outfits. As they are very comfortable, I purchased the same pair in black.

White Prada Court Shoes

One underrated colour is white, so I wanted to add a pair of white pumps to my minimalistic "new wardrobe". I love to shop at is YOOX, a great site to find out of season items and rare to find clothing and accessories.

Cult Gaia Coco Open Tote Bag

Another addition I added to my summer wardrobe is this Cult Gaia Coco Open Tote Bag, in the colour tan. I wanted a straw bag that was different and stood out. This one just happened to do all of that.

Swarovski Swan Stud Earrings

Another place I love to shop is Swarovski, especially for stud earrings. I got these Swan Stud Earrings that are stylish, minimalistic and fit my overall style.

Although I didn't purchase a Chanel bag, I got mine recoloured from cream to black. Sometimes it's not about buying a new item but finding ways to repurpose the old. One place you can look at getting this done is The Handbag Spa.

Zara red slip dress

Moving away from luxury brands, I also purchased this red slip dress from Zara, to add a bit of colour to my summer wardrobe.

Keep an eye out on the next coming posts as I will share ways of how I will style some of the items I have recently purchased.

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