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4 Wellness and Beauty Brands You Need to Try Right Now

Updated: Jan 21

In light of all the changes that have taken place in recent years due to COVID regulations. I noticed a lot of brands introducing new products to the market. Some of these new products created a buzz among the wellness community, while others are informative and worth learning about.

So, here is a list of brands I consider to be worthy and have been taking centre stage to ensure the best of our overall wellness and to provide us not only with a wellness or beauty regime but an all-inclusive one.


Top groundbreaking brands for wellness and beauty

Care/Of Packet

First on my list is Care/of. The brand was built on a foundation that focuses on your knowledge of your body and its science. It is the place to seek out vitamins that are personalised just for you. What makes me say yes to Care/of is the fact that they understand that everyone is different and that our “paths to personal health are all different”, too. Through their wellness quiz, you can find out which vitamins are suited for you and there is no commitment to the vitamins C/O assigns to you. You can still choose the ones you want. Talk about personalisation, right? What's not to love!?

House of Waris Love Conquers All tea

Another brand that hits the right spot, especially on a cold winter morning, is HouseofWaris Teas. This brand works well for tea lovers and those that are looking to introduce new flavours to their current tea selection. My favourite is Love Conquers All. It contains ingredients such as cardamon, to provide a warming sensual aroma, vanilla, rose, Shatavari which is designed to support a healthy libido and reproductive system, and orange blossom which is designed to uplift your mood and promote joy. Plus it is loaded with all sorts of goodies. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Full Moon Moo Juice pack

Although it has been around for some time, I can't help but add Moonjuice to our selection of wellness brands. You should check out the range of supplements for skin care and even the adaptogenic they offer. The brand was inspired by a need and focuses on clean unadulterated ingredients that are bioactive and potent due to the way they are harvested. All of this is what makes Moonjuice a brand that stands out. If you are looking to try it yourself, I recommend purchasing the Full Moon Sachets which contain a variety of 12 different supplements designed to help regulate stress hormones for total mind-body support.