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The 2022 Guide to Designer Brands on a Budget

Updated: Jan 21

Are you someone who loves luxury, designer products, but just can’t get past the price point?

You aren’t alone. Here are some of our recommended places to shop for those luxury items you deserve without breaking the bank. It’s all about being a smart and savvy shopper whilst indulging in some of those luxury brands that you just need to have in your closet.

I think the best way to evaluate an affordable luxury purchase for your closet should be based on its cost per wear as well as its inclusion as a classic and timeless pieces that will last within your wardrobe season after season. Or, if that’s not the case, maybe you can add it to your wardrobe as part of a designer wardrobe staple piece that you’ve been meaning to replace.

  • I first discovered Outnet by chance when I was looking for an affordable designer dress that wasn’t going to leave me broke. I would search high and low for discount codes or offers I could find just to reduce the price point to the point where it was manageable. Eventually, through our tireless searches, I found Outnet. I love both the price point and the vast collection of the brands they offer.

  • Farfetch is an online luxury retail platform that showcases items from various boutiques around the world. What I love about Farfetch is that if you can't find that piece you are looking for. You are likely to find it on farfetch due to how well it is connected with boutiques all over the world. Another convincing factor is that, unlike other luxury platforms, you are most likely to find a discount code whether through their influencer partnerships or just the exclusive codes if you are a member (sign up its worth it, I promise).

  • YOOX is the online hub for out of season pieces at killer prices. Perfect for when you want a new timeless staple for your wardrobe. I often find myself on YOOX when I am are looking for a specific brand or fashion must-have that might have been out of stock on the brand website, yet still available on YOOX. I also like the price point! I mean, from shoe prices at as low as £20 to the countless different styles, shapes and sizes.

  • With Revolve, you will find upcoming influencers turned designers with an eclectic collection that is great for fashion lovers. You'll also be able to find professional designers that might be hard to source for in other places. We like the idea that Revolve also puts customers in front of designers that might not be available in your country. Plu, the fees (duties and taxes) are calculated at checkout so the price at the checkout is the final price and there are no SURPRISE customs fees (which always puts a damper on the online shopping experience). If this doesn’t convince you, click here and visit their site to see for yourself just what you can find for cost effective designer brands that you are going to love.

  • Another favourite of ours is this pre-owned designer fashion website. This website focuses on selling top quality brands at a discount, from clothing right down to jewellery. From your Chanel handbags or Dior earrings to your must-have Kenzo jumper and so on. Whilst people might have reservations about buying preowned items, Vestiaire Collective has a unique approach to their listings and what you’ll find is high-quality fashion brands listed on their website with great price points that can range anywhere from 30% to 70% off of the original price. If you're looking for online discounts on luxury brands, this is your place. Even if you’ve never bought pre-owned fashion before, you’ll want to take a look at their great prices,

Your luxurious and designer closet doesn’t have to be bought at top dollar! You can use your online shopping skills to find your affordable designer brands and luxurious tags that will give you the designer fashion feel without the designer fashion price tag to match.

Quick Tip: The best way to justify the spend on designer items is through calculating the cost per wear. The simplest way is to look at the cost for the item and divide it by the number of times you have worn the item (you can keep track in your calendar if you need to). If you haven’t worn the item yet, just estimate the number of wears based on how many times you are likely to wear the item. That will help you figure out if this is a good price for designer brands for you in particular.

Leave a comment below and let us know about your shopping experience or if you are interested in our shopping you can book this below.