Bold Is A Good Colour On You

Defining your sense of personal style can be both fun and straining. I say this because it can be fun to go through your wardrobe and rediscover items you like, as well as purchase new items that make your closet all the better. At the same time, the idea of decluttering, or just rummaging through your wardrobe can seem like such a chore that it makes you feel anxious just thinking about it. The same can be said for shopping. Not everyone likes the shopping experience, whether that be in person or online.

A woman wearing a scarf, tinted sunglasses and red lipstick while hold shopping bags

But before we start going through your wardrobe or spending that cash, here are some of our tips for defining your style — and none of them involves stepping foot in a store!

  1. The most fundamental aspect of defining your style is to understand your body. This means your shape, as well as the illusion of clothes, can create for it. It's also about considering what aspect of your body you want to focus on — we all have parts of our body we want to accentuate and hide. While people will generalize body shape into four categories (rectangle and triangle (pear), inverted triangle (apple) and hourglass), it’s equally important to understand that we are all unique and that each body shape is different and beautiful. Despite what you see, remember that there is no average body type. We always recommend getting to know your body and the illusion clothes can have on your structure itself and working with that as a foundation for developing your style.

  2. Once you have gotten to understand your body. It's always good to go through your current wardrobe. Take the time to understand which items you gravitate towards and why you like them. Our rule of thumb is to bin anything in the wardrobe that you haven't worn in 6 months to a year. It feels scary at first, but DON'T BE AFRAID TO PART WAYS with items you don't wear or those you don't like and only keep for the sake of memorabilia. AFTER ALL, the purpose of this is to define your style. And having a clear, clean and structured wardrobe also helps you see your items better. From there, you can curate a list of items you will need to add to your existing wardrobe, that you will love (only purchase items you love, you will wear and those that work with your wardrobe and style)

  3. Next, create a mood board, even break this down by colour palette, seasons or fashion goals. Create and organize this however it feels right for you. From this creation, you can draw inspiration as well as have a better understanding of what you like, which will come in handy when shopping or revisiting your wardrobe in the future. One of our favourite ways to create a fashion mood board is old-school style through a photo collage of cut-out pictures. If this is too strenuous, go for Pinterest (who doesn’t love Pinterest, right?) instead. It’s easy to navigate and create different mood boards there and you can find all sorts of ideas to help flesh them out a bit as well.

  4. Now take a look at your wardrobe itself. We always recommend investing in quality pieces, regardless of what those may be. The term investment doesn't necessarily mean splurging on luxury items, as quality can also be found in thrift stores. The key to quality is to understand the foundation of fabric as well as how items are cut so they can flatter your figure and help you enjoy them for a long time.

  5. This last point will stir a lot of controversies. As we said before, there is no defined specific body type but I will caveat and say always try to look for a balance. The rules for “dressing for your body type” are something we only take as guidance. What helps is being honest with yourself about what looks good on your frame. Having a good full-length mirror also helps you to get a feel for how something hangs or swings on your body. And finally, wearing that style with a flair of confidence is going to be the best accessory you can choose. After all, the world is our runway, let's all strut our stuff! Dress for how you want to feel and you’ll automatically look your best and always style yourself happy #dopaminedressing

Speaking of confidence, the best way to do this is to have a sense of self-belief every single day. Have certainty in what you have chosen to wear gracefully (never force yourself to wear something that doesn't flatter you, for the sake of trends, as people notice). Also, have fun with what you are wearing every moment of the day. After all, when you feel good about yourself, it radiates externally and can draw people in. Good fashion is about feeling good as much — if not more than — it is about the clothing itself. Remember that next time you head out to pick up those few must-have pieces in the shops!