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The Best Fashionable Workout Wear to Kick Start Your Year

Updated: Jan 21

I must admit that 2020, 2021 and 2022 have had a fair amount of challenges, but that just means adapting to our surroundings as they are, right? With more and more remote working, one thing I had to do was move gym workouts to my house and find motivation and routine in the comfort of my own home. That means making sure I had all the right equipment to complete my workouts, including quality workout wear. This week I break down some of my recommended gym kit supplies to help kick-start your new year with a bang.

Top workout gear and kit must-haves for at-home or gym workouts

A black woman wearing sportswear

1. Although many miles away, I love the design of the Slinkii sports kit. It's truly designed for comfort and makes you look great in a very minimalistic way. What I love about Slinkii, is the pop of colour you will occasionally see in their quality pieces, such as the red high-rise tights that come with a matching bralette. They also use prints in more neutral tones, one of our favourites being the Panthera high-rise tights, which also come with the matching bralette.

2. If you are looking for something closer to home, then ASOS is just the place to visit. I love ASOS because not only do they carry their own brand at a great price, but also the different shapes, and materials they use. Check out their Women's Gym Wear section. I'm sure you will find something you like here.

A quick tip: You can also use ASOS as a search engine to find some of your local brands when they have run out of stock on their website (provided ASOS carries those brands). Just think of it as one big unified marketplace for stress-free shopping!

three women working out in the gym

3. Steering away from ASOS, most have heard of Gymshark. I love this brand because it's the home ground for fitness apparel! They carry a vast collection of some of the best quality sports leggings and bralettes out there. Yes, the price point might seem high, but you will make up for it in the quality selection as it lasts wear after wear. Think of it as an investment in your health!

4. Although brands such as Fashionnova and Prettylittlething are more well known to carry fast fashion, they also carry a vast selection of activewear at a much more affordable price. If you like the perforated look, then this Fashionnova block me active legging in infinity seamless black is just for you.

Plus, it comes with a matching top. A great alternative to Fashionnova is Prettylittlething. You’ll want to check their active section out. Also, another great place to get activewear within the same price range is AMAZON. So many options from places you normally wouldn’t think of, right?

5. What I love about SweatyBetty is the use of prints within their sports kit, and the way you can mix and match the activewear (as well as loungewear, but that's for another post). Check them out, you definitely won't be disappointed with the fun and bold prints on their workout gear

a woman doing a plank, working out

6. If you are looking for something slightly different that will set you apart, then PE Nation is just the right place for you. Although the price point is above what most people would consider paying for activewear, it will set you apart in the best way. What I love about PE Nation is that you can work out it's the type of athletic wear you can wear throughout the day, too. My favourite set is the Block Action Jacket with a matching pair of shorts. You can pair it with sneakers and heels, and it’ll be a whole new outfit!

7. The price point for Gymshark, SweatyBetty and PE Nation might be slightly higher as an entry point to starting and buying activewear. I get that. A great starting point for the price is Primark. You can’t buy it online as of yet, but you can pop into one of their stores! They have a sizeable gym kit collection that also comes with a water bottle, resistance bands, etc.

a group of women wearing matching black gym outfits

Ok, I will admit, I do love the matchy-matchy look. For me, it's not just about creating comfort but also about looking good at the same time. Yes, there are times when any old pair of leggings and a random t-shirt will do, but that extra bit of “feel-good factor”, that extra bit of “confidence” can transform the outlook of your drive and determination to see your workout through!!! Think of all the endorphins you will release. YES, I am all for triggering that “POSITIVE FEELING” it leaves my body with. Aside from releasing the “feel good and look factor” a full activewear set isn't complete unless accompanied by the right trainers. Yes, there is a thing such as having the right sports shoes to help you perform better, whether that be running or general workout sessions. Every time you look for the right sports shoes, ask the store assistant for guidance, which also helps in the overwhelming part.

Just a few trainer shopping tips from us. Focus on: the type of surfaces, motion control, cushioning, stability, etc.

Finally, top it all off with a great sports bag for all of your gadgets and gizmos. Got one? Well, “Voila” you are all done and set to meet your workout 2023 goals. Enjoy your new fitness adventure and take some comfort in knowing your workout gear is totally on point!

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