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Navigating the Race: Finding Your Pace and Authenticity in Your Journey

Authenticity in Your Journey by BYICON

In the relentless pursuit of career success, have you ever found yourself caught in the trap of believing that the faster you run, the sooner you'll reach your destination? I know I did. It was a belief deeply ingrained in the fabric of my career philosophy—an assumption that racing at breakneck speed was the key to rapid success (the fact that I am so patient these days is a miracle I am proud of). I charged forward with an unwavering determination to accomplish everything I set out to achieve. Yet, the more I pushed, the more I realised that I hadn't considered crucial factors like burnout, and I questioned whether I was even running the right race or competing against the right opponents (another question, I had to ask myself is did I need to even compete with others). Despite reaching milestones and ticking off achievements, a profound sense of dissatisfaction lingered, leaving me feeling perpetually out of place in my own professional journey.

This realization struck hard—maybe the race wasn't solely about speed. It was about discovering my unique pace, finding the right competition, and, most importantly, staying true to myself. This reflection led to a significant shift in my perspective, where authenticity and self-discovery took precedence over the illusion of speed-driven success.

The struggle to find contentment amidst the race was compounded by an inner conflict—my battle with authenticity. Despite my consistent advocacy for others to embrace their true selves, I found myself grappling with the very concept I championed. It might seem paradoxical, but I, too, faced challenges in being genuine, especially in how I presented myself professionally. Concealed beneath the surface was a vibrant and creative aspect of my personality that I had become adept at hiding. The suppression stemmed from a history of having my creative expressions swiftly dismissed, leading me to abandon authenticity in favour of conformity. This internal conflict manifested most visibly in my style, swinging wildly from the sophisticated "lady in red" to a more casual, subdued appearance reminiscent of Slim Shady's tracksuit twin. The struggle was not merely about fashion; it was an outward manifestation of an internal battle for self-acceptance and the right to authentically express my creativity and be myself.

Picture this as a struggle to reconcile two conflicting identities within— one dictated by societal expectations and professional norms, and the other, a vivid expression of personal creativity and authenticity. The clash between the two created a dissonance that echoed in my professional demeanour and external appearance. The desire to conform, born out of a fear of rejection, caused me to stifle my true self. I played the part dictated by others, moulding my style to fit predetermined moulds rather than expressing the authentic and dynamic individual I truly was. It became a self-imposed restriction, limiting my personal and professional growth and reinforcing a facade that veiled the vibrant creativity within me.

Navigating Pace to success by BYICON

In my pursuit of acceptance, I unknowingly muted the vibrant shades of my creative essence. The fear of judgment acted as a silent curator, allowing only subdued tones that met societal norms. This suppression extended beyond just my personal style; it seeped into every facet of my existence. I found myself conforming in my career, unquestioningly following instructions, and moulding myself to fit into relationships where I felt constrained to be someone else (yes, I mastered the art of a fake smile just to succeed). Even in presenting my ideas, I hesitated, filtering my thoughts through the lens of societal expectations. I hesitated so much that I would give away my work giving room for others to shine!

This stifling of expression was pervasive until I recognised the concealed creativity within me, longing for liberation. I patiently waited for the moment when I would grant it permission to redefine my narrative. Reflecting on this journey, I'm reminded of the transformative power of self-acceptance and the courage required to break free from self-imposed constraints. Whenever I hear Beyonce's anthem "Liberated, living like we ain't got time" in the song "Heated," it resonates deeply, echoing the sentiment of my own emancipation.

In realising this, I've given birth to my true self, awakening from a prolonged slumber to embrace and express who I am in this very moment. Allowing the flow of my own creativity, this journey (where you see a more stylish appearance in each photo I post) exemplifies the transformative power of self-acceptance and the bravery it demands to shatter constraints, letting the vibrant hues of authenticity paint the canvas of our lives. Why share all this? Because embracing my authentic self was the prerequisite to starting BYICON and attracting clients who resonate with the real me. I learned to be comfortable walking into a room in a bright red dress when everyone else wore black—not for attention but because that's who I am. Embracing authenticity allowed me to create the career I desire, liberating myself as the phoenix rising from the ashes to soar into the sky, shining brightly through my message as London Forbes. I'm curious, in your own life, how are you showing up? Share your thoughts with me—drop a comment below!




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