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It is both an art and a science to cultivate and curate a successful image, and BYICON was born from this — a vision for authenticity, alignment, self-love, acceptance, and harnessing your most valuable asset, yourself, to cultivate a strong ROI.


Redefining the Perception of Image 

Meet, London, our fearless founder whose own journey of self-discovery illuminated the path for her success and her mission of helping others realize their own value.


London’s childhood was more troubled than most; she experienced a turbulent introduction to life that severely affected her confidence as a young adult. With the baggage from her childhood weighing her down, it got to the point where a simple choice needed to be made. Was she going to allow her past to continually dictate her future, or was she going to rise to the challenge and become the driving force in her own life?


Committed to seizing control, she worked on herself, searching for her own identity. In the process, she began to understand that negative comments and actions from her peers merely served to highlight her true power – power that she expressed through the way she dressed, spoke, and presented herself. It wasn’t long before others took notice and began seeking her advice. Her self-confidence which had been so damaged and buried was finally blossoming. 


As an image consultant, London was determined to help others achieve the same results that she had. Looking to take her insights further, she embarked on a series of academic courses that focused on image, communication and presentation. With the courses aligning themselves with her love of fashion, her marketing background and her psychological understanding of the self, they helped to crystalise her outlook.  


An epiphany came when she understood that by taking key elements from the fields of fashion, image, communication, marketing and psychology, she could create an ‘image synergy of alignment for individuals’ – one that operated far beyond the traditional concept of ‘image consultancy’.


Through self-acceptance and love, London embraced her past and enriched her present. The insights she has gained on this journey she is now ready to share with you.

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In Q1 2023, BYICON relaunched its brand with a simpler concept and approach to how it will serve our clients going forward. 



To grow our network and raise awareness in leveraging our greatest asset — ourselves — BYICON has co-hosted audio events on LinkedIn and in-person events in Q3, and was featured in publications like BRAINZ 


BYICON In The Press

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